Night Hunter (Secrets of the Night “Creatures” #1) by E.L.R Jones



Things are bad in their land. Alkinai is the leader of the warriors while his best friend Hari helps him. Katana has been by Alkinai’s side the last ten years.

Katana is tired of Alkinai not realizing that she is his etam or mate (notice how etam is mate spelled backwards). She catches a flash of his mind one night and it doesn’t settle well with her. So after he falls asleep, she leaves. But she goes back the next day. They make up and she ends up getting pregnant. She knows he won’t like that so she hides it from him as long as she can.

How does he react when she finally tells him? Does he accept it or deny it? Does Kat walk away forever or is Alkinai able to keep her there with him? Does he ever accept her as his etam? To find out, get this book while it is free.
My Personal Opinion:

This was an okay book. It is one of those that you wish was longer as you think the ending comes up way to quickly.
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174 pages

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Close Obsession (The Krinar Chronicles #2) by Anna Zaires

close obsession



Mia and Korum return in the second part of this trilogy. They arrive at Lenkarda, the K center in Costa Rica. A trial is started for the K’s who aided the Resistance members in the attacks from the first book. Korum is one of the members of the panel so he spends most of his time at the court watching. Mia is given a device so that she can watch the proceedings without actually having to be there as Korum wants to protect her from the others.

After a while Mia becomes home sick and wishes to visit her family. Korum sets up a mini vacation for them and they go to Florida. Her parents are beside themselves because their precious youngest daughter is with a K, something they had hoped to avoid. But Korum and the K technology prove themselves useful. He cures her fathers stress migraines. Once he meets her sister, he calls in a friend of his that has worked with pregnant women and her sister is pregnant. The K he brings in helps her sister feel better and in the matter of a few minutes she is feeling and looking better than what she had before meeting the new K.

Korum and Mia go to the beach which isn’t far from the home that Korum rents while they are on vacation. Mia was on her way back to the beach when she is assaulted by Leslie, a Resistance member. Mia surprises herself and knocks out Leslie and runs to find Korum on the beach. Mia assaults the K that is in a standoff with Korum and ultimately saves his life, even though she gets hurt in the process. Korum heals her wounds though. The K that assaulted Korum is de-atomized while Leslie is taken into custody by some of the K “police” squad.

Mia gets a job at the Lenkarda base working with one of Korum’s friends. She loves the work even though it is long hours. Korum puts an end to the long hours but still allows her to work their. She loves her job and everyone she works with. The person who she took over for has gone missing but later turns up and it surprises all of them what he got involved in.

Korum has an enemy who is really starting to like Mia even though he has never met her. From glimpses at his enemies thoughts, you can deduce that Korum is the apparent bad guy. The enemy is trying to save the human race and it appears that Korum is the one who wants to destroy them. As the book closes you get another glimpse at this enemies thoughts. Despite the events that happened when Korum and Mia were on vacation, he thought everything went well.

This is a good story. It is well written with few errors to be found in the pages. Anna Zaires has captured my attention from the first book. Something that pulls me to a book is their cover first and foremost. The covers for all three books in the Krinar Chronicles are close to the same but they are different. A recommended book for those that liked and read the first book.

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326 pages

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Close Remembrance (The Krinar Chronicles #3) by Anna Zaires

close remembrance



This is the third and final book in the Krinar Chronicles Trilogy. Reviews for the first two books can be found in my previous posts.

Mia and Korum return in the final installment of the Krinar Chronicles. They are living in Lenkarda, the K center in Costa Rica. Mia has adjusted to the K life and technology well so Korum returns his home to the original state rather than the familiar state of his apartment in New York.

Korum’s enemy is revealed in the prologue of this book. It is someone that Korum as considered a friend for a very long time while Mia worked with him daily and he was her boss. Saret tested Korum from the beginning to see just how deep his love for Mia was. Saret learned a lot. Mia gets suspicious when she is in the lab one day and is read Saur’s notes he had logged in the computer. Saret walks in as she was leaving and things go bad.

Saret “kidnaps” Mia even though she never leaves the lab where she should have been anyways. Korum gets suspicious and reads some files on his “computer”. He ends up figuring out Saret’s plans to kill him. Korum sets Saret up while he uses a newly developed weapon to MELT the walls of the lab. Saret runs and gets away for a while. (He truly is a devil/genius in one.)

Korum finds Mia unconscious. Ellet, his fellow K, looks over Mia and informs Korum that there is evidence of memory erasure. She is right. When Mia wakes up at Korum’s house, she doesn’t remember who he is or anything that happened the last few months. They start over again and she eventually gets her memory back thanks to a K on Krina. Mia and her family travel to Krina to see the specialist and also because the Elders wish to talk to her. Korum and Mia petition for her family to become immortal like she is.

Korum decides to make Mia his wife along with his charl. This will make her even as his mate and give her standing in the Krinar society which means she will be respected more than a normal charl. Things go beautifully for them and get a couple GREAT wedding gifts at the reception. (You’ll have to read to find out what they are because I’m not telling!)

This is a good book. The only downfall is that there are several things with loose ends when the book is finished. Anna Zaires, the author, wrote a note at the back of that book that even though this is a trilogy, it may not end up being the end of their story! I really hope she writes more books to go with this as I want to know what happens in the end instead of being left with several cliffhangers.

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398 pages

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Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles #1) by Anna Zaires

close liasions



Mia Stalis is a twenty something year old student who lives with her best friend Jessie. Korum is a race of alien known as the Krinar. They meet one day when Mia goes to Central Park to work on homework. Korum instantly becomes interested in Mia and starts stalking her. At the end of their first meeting in the park, in which Mia runs away from him, she dismisses him and thinks she won’t see him again. How wrong she is.

Korum finds her the next day and takes her back to his apartment to heal her hands after she fell and to get her out of the rain. Korum admits to her that he is interested in her and wants to have sex with her but admits he won’t as it would amount to rape with the way she was acting. Mia decides to play hard to get and does the exact opposite of what one would normally do to get ready for a date. This doesn’t work and doesn’t bother Korum in the slightest when he picks her up that night.

Korum decides he has waited long enough and been patient enough and moves Mia into his apartment. She feels overloaded with everything so he builds her a study. While he is gone one day, she goes into his study to spy on things for the Resistance. They are a group of humans that don’t want the K on Earth and are working on a way to send them back to Krina, their home planet. Mia eventually stumbles upon a device that lets her see where Korum is and sees an ambush happen for the Resistance.

Mia is shaken up and feels guilty as she told the Resistance some things. Korum returns and is immediately threatened by Mia with a de-atomizer ring. She fails to use it and he spirits her away to keep her safe from remaining Resistance members as they will think she set them up.

Overall, this is a good read. I enjoyed reading it and have read it a few times. I also have the second and third parts of this series that I am going to be reading shortly to find out how this story ends!

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320 pages

The House of Cards (Addune #2) by Wendy Potocki


addune 2



I finished reading the first book and went straight into this one. The characters from the first book return (some only mentioned in named and play no actual role) as well as a bunch of new characters.

Miranda is slowly realizing what she has become and what has happened to her. She makes a new friend, Tatiana, who helps her to escape the evil place where she is trapped. Tatiana and Miranda become good friends after Tatiana realizes that what Miranda says is true and that she isn’t indulging in the drink. Miranda knows she is different than Peter and Rachel but doesn’t understand why she still cares and loves. She finds out later by a gypsy named Dagmar who helps to free her.

Reginald Charles and Victor Rodriguez (Tiffany’s father) form a sort of alliance to bring down the one responsible for Tiffany’s death. The police and media are blaming Miranda Perry but they think otherwise. Victor’s sons are smart and pick up on clues that the police like to ignore. Unfortunately, another member of the Rodriguez family is lost during this investigation.

This book is split between following several different characters: Miranda, Reginald Charles and his family/friends, Tiffany Rodriguez’s family, Peter Addune, Stroker and Rachel Abbott. Everyone except Tiffany’s family are key players from the first book.

Overall, I say this is a good book. Like the first book, it doesn’t seem like there are that many pages. You just read from page to page. It’s not like some of the books that you are excited for the ending to be in site. The only bad thing I can say is that the author leaves it in a cliff hanger.

The third and final installment of this trilogy isn’t set to release until September.

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602 pages

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The Vampire’s Game (Addune #1) by Wendy Potocki

addune 1



Miranda Perry takes over Perry Antiques after her father dies in a terrible car crash. Unbeknownst to her, things are on a roller coaster long before her father perishes. Her father isn’t the man she thought he was and it comes to light through the course of the book.

Things start falling into place over the course of this book and you can follow along and sometimes guess what is going to happen. (You won’t always be right!)

Peter Addune is out for revenge and he starts playing a game with Miranda who is too daft to see what is right in front of her face! So many clues are right there but she doesn’t realize anything until it’s too late. She loses people she loves dearly before she realizes what was there all along.

I really liked this book because it doesn’t follow the typical vampire books in some senses. You’ll know what I mean if you have read or if you read this book.

99 cents on Kindle

498 pages (It sure doesn’t seem like it is this many pages. Trust me, it’s not one of those books you’re counting the pages on until you’re done!)

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It’s Nothing Personal by Sherry Gorman M.D

nothing personal


I’m not normally the type of person to read a book based on true events. However, this one pulled me in from the moment I saw the front page. Before I read the description, I thought it was going to be a thriller or mystery. It didn’t cross my mind that this book was based on a true event.

Sherry Gorman went through a grueling lawsuit back in 2009. When it was all said and done, her friends and family urged her to write about her experiences. This is the product of their determination to get the word out. Sherry and her family were almost demolished because of this lawsuit but they pulled through in the end.

This book is a true inspiration and should serve as such to others. If something doesn’t work out the right way, wait because Karma is always lurking. In the end, the hospital and lawyers received their just rewards for trying to bury everything and weren’t being fair in their tactics.

This woman, Sherry Gorman, showed true strength in writing about her experiences. I don’t know many people who would want others to know what they went through based on something. Sherry’s book will keep you glued to it’s pages from beginning to end.

I would recommend reading this book.

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388 pages

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