Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles #1) by Anna Zaires

close liasions



Mia Stalis is a twenty something year old student who lives with her best friend Jessie. Korum is a race of alien known as the Krinar. They meet one day when Mia goes to Central Park to work on homework. Korum instantly becomes interested in Mia and starts stalking her. At the end of their first meeting in the park, in which Mia runs away from him, she dismisses him and thinks she won’t see him again. How wrong she is.

Korum finds her the next day and takes her back to his apartment to heal her hands after she fell and to get her out of the rain. Korum admits to her that he is interested in her and wants to have sex with her but admits he won’t as it would amount to rape with the way she was acting. Mia decides to play hard to get and does the exact opposite of what one would normally do to get ready for a date. This doesn’t work and doesn’t bother Korum in the slightest when he picks her up that night.

Korum decides he has waited long enough and been patient enough and moves Mia into his apartment. She feels overloaded with everything so he builds her a study. While he is gone one day, she goes into his study to spy on things for the Resistance. They are a group of humans that don’t want the K on Earth and are working on a way to send them back to Krina, their home planet. Mia eventually stumbles upon a device that lets her see where Korum is and sees an ambush happen for the Resistance.

Mia is shaken up and feels guilty as she told the Resistance some things. Korum returns and is immediately threatened by Mia with a de-atomizer ring. She fails to use it and he spirits her away to keep her safe from remaining Resistance members as they will think she set them up.

Overall, this is a good read. I enjoyed reading it and have read it a few times. I also have the second and third parts of this series that I am going to be reading shortly to find out how this story ends!

Free on Kindle

320 pages


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