The House of Cards (Addune #2) by Wendy Potocki


addune 2



I finished reading the first book and went straight into this one. The characters from the first book return (some only mentioned in named and play no actual role) as well as a bunch of new characters.

Miranda is slowly realizing what she has become and what has happened to her. She makes a new friend, Tatiana, who helps her to escape the evil place where she is trapped. Tatiana and Miranda become good friends after Tatiana realizes that what Miranda says is true and that she isn’t indulging in the drink. Miranda knows she is different than Peter and Rachel but doesn’t understand why she still cares and loves. She finds out later by a gypsy named Dagmar who helps to free her.

Reginald Charles and Victor Rodriguez (Tiffany’s father) form a sort of alliance to bring down the one responsible for Tiffany’s death. The police and media are blaming Miranda Perry but they think otherwise. Victor’s sons are smart and pick up on clues that the police like to ignore. Unfortunately, another member of the Rodriguez family is lost during this investigation.

This book is split between following several different characters: Miranda, Reginald Charles and his family/friends, Tiffany Rodriguez’s family, Peter Addune, Stroker and Rachel Abbott. Everyone except Tiffany’s family are key players from the first book.

Overall, I say this is a good book. Like the first book, it doesn’t seem like there are that many pages. You just read from page to page. It’s not like some of the books that you are excited for the ending to be in site. The only bad thing I can say is that the author leaves it in a cliff hanger.

The third and final installment of this trilogy isn’t set to release until September.

$3.99 Kindle

602 pages

(I paid $2.99 for this book)


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