Close Obsession (The Krinar Chronicles #2) by Anna Zaires

close obsession



Mia and Korum return in the second part of this trilogy. They arrive at Lenkarda, the K center in Costa Rica. A trial is started for the K’s who aided the Resistance members in the attacks from the first book. Korum is one of the members of the panel so he spends most of his time at the court watching. Mia is given a device so that she can watch the proceedings without actually having to be there as Korum wants to protect her from the others.

After a while Mia becomes home sick and wishes to visit her family. Korum sets up a mini vacation for them and they go to Florida. Her parents are beside themselves because their precious youngest daughter is with a K, something they had hoped to avoid. But Korum and the K technology prove themselves useful. He cures her fathers stress migraines. Once he meets her sister, he calls in a friend of his that has worked with pregnant women and her sister is pregnant. The K he brings in helps her sister feel better and in the matter of a few minutes she is feeling and looking better than what she had before meeting the new K.

Korum and Mia go to the beach which isn’t far from the home that Korum rents while they are on vacation. Mia was on her way back to the beach when she is assaulted by Leslie, a Resistance member. Mia surprises herself and knocks out Leslie and runs to find Korum on the beach. Mia assaults the K that is in a standoff with Korum and ultimately saves his life, even though she gets hurt in the process. Korum heals her wounds though. The K that assaulted Korum is de-atomized while Leslie is taken into custody by some of the K “police” squad.

Mia gets a job at the Lenkarda base working with one of Korum’s friends. She loves the work even though it is long hours. Korum puts an end to the long hours but still allows her to work their. She loves her job and everyone she works with. The person who she took over for has gone missing but later turns up and it surprises all of them what he got involved in.

Korum has an enemy who is really starting to like Mia even though he has never met her. From glimpses at his enemies thoughts, you can deduce that Korum is the apparent bad guy. The enemy is trying to save the human race and it appears that Korum is the one who wants to destroy them. As the book closes you get another glimpse at this enemies thoughts. Despite the events that happened when Korum and Mia were on vacation, he thought everything went well.

This is a good story. It is well written with few errors to be found in the pages. Anna Zaires has captured my attention from the first book. Something that pulls me to a book is their cover first and foremost. The covers for all three books in the Krinar Chronicles are close to the same but they are different. A recommended book for those that liked and read the first book.

$3.99 on Kindle

326 pages

(Paid $3.75)


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