Close Remembrance (The Krinar Chronicles #3) by Anna Zaires

close remembrance



This is the third and final book in the Krinar Chronicles Trilogy. Reviews for the first two books can be found in my previous posts.

Mia and Korum return in the final installment of the Krinar Chronicles. They are living in Lenkarda, the K center in Costa Rica. Mia has adjusted to the K life and technology well so Korum returns his home to the original state rather than the familiar state of his apartment in New York.

Korum’s enemy is revealed in the prologue of this book. It is someone that Korum as considered a friend for a very long time while Mia worked with him daily and he was her boss. Saret tested Korum from the beginning to see just how deep his love for Mia was. Saret learned a lot. Mia gets suspicious when she is in the lab one day and is read Saur’s notes he had logged in the computer. Saret walks in as she was leaving and things go bad.

Saret “kidnaps” Mia even though she never leaves the lab where she should have been anyways. Korum gets suspicious and reads some files on his “computer”. He ends up figuring out Saret’s plans to kill him. Korum sets Saret up while he uses a newly developed weapon to MELT the walls of the lab. Saret runs and gets away for a while. (He truly is a devil/genius in one.)

Korum finds Mia unconscious. Ellet, his fellow K, looks over Mia and informs Korum that there is evidence of memory erasure. She is right. When Mia wakes up at Korum’s house, she doesn’t remember who he is or anything that happened the last few months. They start over again and she eventually gets her memory back thanks to a K on Krina. Mia and her family travel to Krina to see the specialist and also because the Elders wish to talk to her. Korum and Mia petition for her family to become immortal like she is.

Korum decides to make Mia his wife along with his charl. This will make her even as his mate and give her standing in the Krinar society which means she will be respected more than a normal charl. Things go beautifully for them and get a couple GREAT wedding gifts at the reception. (You’ll have to read to find out what they are because I’m not telling!)

This is a good book. The only downfall is that there are several things with loose ends when the book is finished. Anna Zaires, the author, wrote a note at the back of that book that even though this is a trilogy, it may not end up being the end of their story! I really hope she writes more books to go with this as I want to know what happens in the end instead of being left with several cliffhangers.

$4.99 on Kindle

398 pages

(Paid $4.99)




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