Night Hunter (Secrets of the Night “Creatures” #1) by E.L.R Jones



Things are bad in their land. Alkinai is the leader of the warriors while his best friend Hari helps him. Katana has been by Alkinai’s side the last ten years.

Katana is tired of Alkinai not realizing that she is his etam or mate (notice how etam is mate spelled backwards). She catches a flash of his mind one night and it doesn’t settle well with her. So after he falls asleep, she leaves. But she goes back the next day. They make up and she ends up getting pregnant. She knows he won’t like that so she hides it from him as long as she can.

How does he react when she finally tells him? Does he accept it or deny it? Does Kat walk away forever or is Alkinai able to keep her there with him? Does he ever accept her as his etam? To find out, get this book while it is free.
My Personal Opinion:

This was an okay book. It is one of those that you wish was longer as you think the ending comes up way to quickly.
99 cents on Kindle

174 pages

(I got this book for free while it was on promo)


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