Owned by the Alphas #1 by Faleena Hopkins


Ali decided to go on a spur of the moment mini vacation to Yosemite National Park. But, Ali being Ali, gets lost. She wanders off the trails and has been walking for hours on end, only succeeding in getting herself lost more than what she already was.

She stops when she hears a noise and swears that someone is watching her. That’s when a NAKED man steps out from behind a tree and startles her. Her feet feel like quicksand and she can’t move. She looks at the man and thinks of him as a god. He walks towards her.

He offers to take her back to civilization and starts to but then he finds her intriguing. Does this man take her back to civilization? Does he decide to kidnap her? What is something major that I’m leaving out of this? You’ll just have to read it to find out.

This book isn’t real long at only 60ish pages. It’s a quick read. I got this while it was free on promo on Amazon. (I’d say about 98% of the almost 7800 books I have on the Kindle app are free.)

Alpha Rogue #1 by Terry Bolryder

alpha rogue

Hawes is an alpha werewolf. But he has separated himself from his pack since his previous mate went and decided to marry one of his brothers. He’s on his own and likes it that way. Or at least he thinks he does.

Rose is an undercover “agent” though not in the traditional sense. She’s not a cop. She does undercover surveillance on rogue shifters. It doesn’t matter what animal they are, she can keep them under surveillance.

Hawes, or Hawthorne, is a cage fighter. Everyone thinks he has connections to the underworld when he doesn’t. He’s at a fight one night and things start to go horribly wrong for him. He does win the match but afterwards, he’s kidnapped and taken to a warehouse, AFTER Rose warns him he’s in danger.

Rose follows and ends up saving him. Well, he in turn saves her a few minutes later. He knows that she’s another shifter, but he doesn’t know what animal she is. She refuses to admit to him that she is a shifter or anything of the sorts. As she’s almost to her vehicle, it explodes. Hawes heart stops and he races to catch her before she hits the ground and goes sliding.

What happens afterwards? Who is trying to kill Hawes and Rose? What does Hawes do? Why is Rose so pissed off later? What is a big secret that Rose was hiding that someone finds out? To read, get the book. It’s free on Kindle Right now.

Chasing Perfection #1 by M. S. Parker


Krissy Jensen lives and works in New York. But she’s going to attend an interview with a company in Hollywood, California named Mirage. They handle talent auditions and the like. She is interviewing to work in the legal department as she is a lawyer.

She initially meets with the person who she would be working directly under. He calls her back for a second interview the following day. When Krissy reaches the hotel she’s staying at, she finds out that she’s been upgraded to a top floor suite. And another surprise is waiting for her when she walks into her room. DeVon Ricci, the company’s owner, is sitting on the couch with a few naked women in there.

Not realizing who he was at first, she tells him in some not so friendly words to get out of her room. He insists on “flirting” with her and then tells her to be at Mirage the next day to have another interview. His interviewing methods are unconventional. He asks some VERY personal questions to see if someone would lie. He doesn’t want anyone who lies working in his company.

Deciding she doesn’t want to work there after all, only because of him, so she leaves and goes to the airport. She misses her flight and decides to purchase a ticket for the red-eye flight that will get back to New York at 3 am. But does she make it on the plane? What happens between her and DeVon? Or even the guy that DeVon hired to try and seduce her?


This was an okay book. It’s not one that I would read again and I won’t be reading anymore in the series. I’ve ready several books similar to this one. Based on the book description on Amazon, I thought it would be different, but in the end it was like the others. It just has something about it that I don’t really like and I can’t pinpoint what it is.

This was a free read and is still free at the moment.

Text Message by William Malmborg


This is the description accompanying the book on Amazon: “I have your sister. Do exactly as I say or I’ll kill her!”

Mallory thought it would be a quick trip to the mall, one where she could get a last minute Christmas gift for her boyfriend. Little did she know a momentary slip in judgment would result in her little sister’s abduction. Unable to call the police for fear her sister will be killed, Mallory has no choice but to play the awful game the sadistic kidnapper has designed for her, one that begins during the crowded midday hours, but won’t end until long after the mall shuts down for the evening.

HIS MALL . . .

Mr. Campbell has been waiting a long time for the perfect game, one that is obviously stacked in his favor given that failure would result in his imprisonment. Such stacking doesn’t really concern him, however, not when it is the fun of the hunt, and the ever-changing scenario, that gets his blood pumping. And Mallory seems to be the perfect girl for this, her sudden lack of compliance after the first few tasks he instructs her to perform in order to keep her sister alive quite different than what he is used to when dealing with his female victims. In fact, in all his years of playing such games, he has never before encountered a girl who will allow such horror to unfold upon the captured loved one simply so she can preserve her own dignity. It is quite refreshing.

HIS GAME . . .

Dan knew his security shift at the mall would be hectic, what with it being one of the last shopping days before Christmas and a blizzard predicted to hit the area during the afternoon hours. What he wasn’t expecting was to be caught up in a horrific game of cat and mouse between a college girl named Mallory and an unknown serial killer that kidnapped and is torturing her little sister. Not that he actually realizes this is what is unfolding, his self-imposed quest to figure out what is causing the similarly aged college student to act so bizarre his only real concern. Well, that and staying under the radar of his boss Jerry who seems to have it out for him. Will he be able to help Mallory survive her ordeal once the reality of the situation becomes known to him, or will he fall victim to a serial killer that never intended for him to be a part of the game?



I got this book yesterday and wanted to read it right away, so I sat down with my laptop and read it. This book will keep you glued to the pages from beginning to end. Mallory and Jenna went to the mall to do a little last minute Christmas shopping. Only, it doesn’t stop at that. Mallory and Jenna separated to go to the different stores they wanted to go too. Nothing could go wrong, right? Mallory learns shortly that that was the exact thing that would happen, things would go horribly wrong.

Jenna and Mallory aren’t the only victims of the game. The madman decides to bring their mom into it and she involves the dad. And then another security guard gets involved. He KNOWS something is wrong even if Mallory won’t tell him at any of the times he’s talked to her that day. But with the way Dan had been stalking her, it makes it look like he’s the one behind it. The madman is clever to make it appear that way.

This book is free at the moment, although I don’t know how long it’s going to be free. I would recommend getting it as quickly as you can!

TAG by Shari J Ryan


TAG is a recent release, having just come out on the 7th of November. I’ve read some of Shari Ryan’s books before and loved them, so how could I not like this one? The answer, I could like this one. 🙂

Carolina has been alone for a few years now. Her father was never around, her mother died of cancer and then her boyfriend murdered her sister. All before the age of twenty. Carolina, or Cali as she likes to be called, has tracked a man named Reaper since her sister’s murder. He’s the one that killed her and she wants nothing more than to extract revenge on the man who murdered her sister and left her essentially alone in the world.

Carolina starts by tracking down the teacher who had abused and raped her sister earlier in the year she was killed. She taunts him and he ends up killing himself after she uploads his confession to YouTube. Her father finds out about it and demands she leave immediately. He purchased her a plane ticket to get her on the opposite side of the country from where she had drawn attention to herself at.

On the flight, she meets someone who is actually her new “bodyguard” but doesn’t tell her who he is. When they land, she ends up getting coffee while they wait for their respective rides. When she comes back from the coffee shop, they start talking and he tells her in no certain way that her dad isn’t coming and that he’s there to protect her. She doesn’t trust him because her mom used to always say to never trust anyone.

Tango eventually tells her that her father is the one who hired him and also that he has coordinates to where he was when he was hired. And he also admits to why her father is in hiding and that he himself is sick and dying. His only hope is what her father has.

So this raises questions. Is Tango just using Cali? What is wrong with Tango? What is so important that her father is in hiding for? Can they even find her father using the coordinates? What happens on each leg of the journey? What becomes of Cali, Tango, Reaper and the many others they encounter on their journey?


This book starts out with a dark chapter. But it does get better. The dark chapter lets everyone know what happened and it helps to bring light to Cali’s character and the reason she is the way she is. This book had me laughing at parts and wanting to cry at others. Any book that can make you feel different emotions within the pages, is a good book in mu opinion. Definitely a book I will be reading again.

Broken Forest (Daath Chronicles #1) by Eliza Tilton


Calli and Jeslyn are down by the river one day. They know something is wrong and go to leave. But they are stopped by men blocking their path. Jeslyn grabs Calli and they start running. Jeslyn get Calli clear and yells at her to run before she is grabbed by one of the men. She puts up a fight before she is knocked out by one of the men.

Calli makes it back to the house and eventually gets out what had happened. Avikar and Derrick decide to go after her. Avikar is her older brother while Derrick is her boyfriend. They stock up on supplies and start on their journey. They come to a town where they meet up with some other men and they all join a group together that is on the same mission. One of the men’s daughters was kidnapped and he wanted his daughter back.

They all leave the town and start on their journey to find the missing women. The finally meet up with the caravan of wagons and a fight ensues. All the women are rescued, except Jeslyn. The captain of the guard grabs her and takes off to Daath with her. She is thrown into a cell and then Lucino, the prince/lord, takes her out of there. He portrays himself as being innocent in the whole thing but you can tell he’s acting, or is he?

Avikar, Derrick, Raven and Jericho (a captured guard who was with the caravan) work to free Jeslyn and return her to her family. But things get very complicated, extremely quickly.


I enjoyed reading this book. It’s well written and keeps you glued to the pages. The characters are well developed and it brings you into their world. You can envision everything happening as you are reading this book. I can’t wait to read the second book.

Love With A Chance of Zombies by Delphine Dryden


Love With a Chance of Zombies is obviously a zombie book. But this one doesn’t focus on actual zombies like most other books do. This one focuses on a doctor that is trying to save the world but is bit before the book begins. He only has a matter of weeks left.

Lucas Nye is considered a hero doctor in the colony he is in. The people think he is working on one of the farms conducting studies. But in reality, he is being kept locked up either in his laboratory working on trying to find a cure or he is locked up in what they transformed into an “apartment” for him.

Lena is a security officer for the colony. She keeps shooting down recruits that are sent to her. She is the head of security. The man over her decides that she needs a break of sorts. It’s been several years since she’s taken a “vacation”. So he assigns her to watch Lucas and to take him out of he starts to turn.

But things happen between Lucas and Lena and they think that he had that in mind when he assigned Lena to watch the doctor. Zombies are attacking a small part of the farm plot that Lucas is supposedly working on. That plot only has hemp planted in it. So they get the bright idea of experimenting.

Together, Lucas and Lena are able to figure out a way not to cure the zombie virus but to help stave it off for a while longer so that Lucas has more time to try and find an actual cure.

I was expecting things to go horribly wrong in this book. There were some things that went wrong but not to the level I thought they would be. This is a nice short zombie book if you want something that isn’t the traditional zombie book.