Love With A Chance of Zombies by Delphine Dryden


Love With a Chance of Zombies is obviously a zombie book. But this one doesn’t focus on actual zombies like most other books do. This one focuses on a doctor that is trying to save the world but is bit before the book begins. He only has a matter of weeks left.

Lucas Nye is considered a hero doctor in the colony he is in. The people think he is working on one of the farms conducting studies. But in reality, he is being kept locked up either in his laboratory working on trying to find a cure or he is locked up in what they transformed into an “apartment” for him.

Lena is a security officer for the colony. She keeps shooting down recruits that are sent to her. She is the head of security. The man over her decides that she needs a break of sorts. It’s been several years since she’s taken a “vacation”. So he assigns her to watch Lucas and to take him out of he starts to turn.

But things happen between Lucas and Lena and they think that he had that in mind when he assigned Lena to watch the doctor. Zombies are attacking a small part of the farm plot that Lucas is supposedly working on. That plot only has hemp planted in it. So they get the bright idea of experimenting.

Together, Lucas and Lena are able to figure out a way not to cure the zombie virus but to help stave it off for a while longer so that Lucas has more time to try and find an actual cure.

I was expecting things to go horribly wrong in this book. There were some things that went wrong but not to the level I thought they would be. This is a nice short zombie book if you want something that isn’t the traditional zombie book.

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