TAG by Shari J Ryan


TAG is a recent release, having just come out on the 7th of November. I’ve read some of Shari Ryan’s books before and loved them, so how could I not like this one? The answer, I could like this one. šŸ™‚

Carolina has been alone for a few years now. Her father was never around, her mother died of cancer and then her boyfriend murdered her sister. All before the age of twenty. Carolina, or Cali as she likes to be called, has tracked a man named Reaper since her sister’s murder. He’s the one that killed her and she wants nothing more than to extract revenge on the man who murdered her sister and left her essentially alone in the world.

Carolina starts by tracking down the teacher who had abused and raped her sister earlier in the year she was killed. She taunts him and he ends up killing himself after she uploads his confession to YouTube. Her father finds out about it and demands she leave immediately. He purchased her a plane ticket to get her on the opposite side of the country from where she had drawn attention to herself at.

On the flight, she meets someone who is actually her new “bodyguard” but doesn’t tell her who he is. When they land, she ends up getting coffee while they wait for their respective rides. When she comes back from the coffee shop, they start talking and he tells her in no certain way that her dad isn’t coming and that he’s there to protect her. She doesn’t trust him because her mom used to always say to never trust anyone.

Tango eventually tells her that her father is the one who hired him and also that he has coordinates to where he was when he was hired. And he also admits to why her father is in hiding and that he himself is sick and dying. His only hope is what her father has.

So this raises questions. Is Tango just using Cali? What is wrong with Tango? What is so important that her father is in hiding for? Can they even find her father using the coordinates? What happens on each leg of the journey? What becomes of Cali, Tango, Reaper and the many others they encounter on their journey?


This book starts out with a dark chapter. But it does get better. The dark chapter lets everyone know what happened and it helps to bring light to Cali’s character and the reason she is the way she is. This book had me laughing at parts and wanting to cry at others. Any book that can make you feel different emotions within the pages, is a good book in mu opinion. Definitely a book I will be reading again.

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