Alpha Rogue #1 by Terry Bolryder

alpha rogue

Hawes is an alpha werewolf. But he has separated himself from his pack since his previous mate went and decided to marry one of his brothers. He’s on his own and likes it that way. Or at least he thinks he does.

Rose is an undercover “agent” though not in the traditional sense. She’s not a cop. She does undercover surveillance on rogue shifters. It doesn’t matter what animal they are, she can keep them under surveillance.

Hawes, or Hawthorne, is a cage fighter. Everyone thinks he has connections to the underworld when he doesn’t. He’s at a fight one night and things start to go horribly wrong for him. He does win the match but afterwards, he’s kidnapped and taken to a warehouse, AFTER Rose warns him he’s in danger.

Rose follows and ends up saving him. Well, he in turn saves her a few minutes later. He knows that she’s another shifter, but he doesn’t know what animal she is. She refuses to admit to him that she is a shifter or anything of the sorts. As she’s almost to her vehicle, it explodes. Hawes heart stops and he races to catch her before she hits the ground and goes sliding.

What happens afterwards? Who is trying to kill Hawes and Rose? What does Hawes do? Why is Rose so pissed off later? What is a big secret that Rose was hiding that someone finds out? To read, get the book. It’s free on Kindle Right now.


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