2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 310 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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In the new year I plan to release a review a day. We shall see how well I am able to do. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great and prosperous new year.

Her Guardians (Her Guardians Trilogy #1) by Jaimie Roberts



Cassie is twenty-five years old and works in the traffic division of the local police unit. One of the actual officers, Michael, seems to hate her but she is lusting after him. Something she doesn’t really want to admit to anyone. A new cop joins their department. His name is Stephen.

She knows something is up between the two when Stephen takes an instant liking to her and Michael tells her to stay away from him but won’t give any reasons. One day after work, Michael pulls Cassie to the side and as they’re talking, her uncle walks up. He propositions them into taking some pictures for him because he is a photographer and wants to add more portraits to his portfolio. They agree and go back to the uncles house and start the photoshoot.

Things get hot and heavy between Michael and Cassie right in front of her Uncle. He is finally able to break into their trance-like states and she rushes to change clothes as she was only in Michaels work shirt. Michael is gone by the time she gets dressed and emerges from her uncles bedroom. Billy (her uncle) is gay and his partner Chris returns home with Chinese and even has Cassie’s favorite.

See, Cassie is special. She has a gift even though she considers it a curse. When she touches your hand, she can see your past, present and future. Whether it be good or bad. So she’s shocked when she first meets Stephen and doesn’t see anything when she shakes his hand. And she’s even more shocked when she does end up touching Michael’s hand after they have some words and she sees nothing with him either.

Cassie learns more about them and why she can’t see their pasts, present or their futures. Cassie likes both Stephen and Michael. Actually, she loves both of them. But she refuses to choose which one she wants after she learns something about them.


This was a great book. I got it yesterday free on Amazon. (It’s still free as of writing this article.) I started reading it right away and read until 4 this morning. I finished it after I got up and I must say, I did NOT see part of the story coming at the end! It surprised me but it was good. I can’t wait to eventually get the second book in this trilogy.

Stealing Sturgis by Matthew Iden

stealing sturgis

I love the description that goes along with the book on Amazon. It is as follows: Lee Baylor runs a failing garage in a dying southern Virginia town and when old friend–but present-day con–Randy Watson shows up with a plan to make some quick cash, Lee’s got to take it.

Randy’s idea? Steal a one-of-a-kind, vintage Harley from millionaire movie star Jason Ford, who likes to act the hotshot biker at the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally with his knockout starlet girlfriend Becky Winters.

The only hitch is that Jason’s got money problems of his own, and when hillbilly gangster Baby Boy gets involved, there’s going to be hell to pay when they all try Stealing Sturgis.


Randy pitches his idea to Lee one day while they’re working on a vehicle. It takes Lee a few days but he decides to go along with it. So they embark on their cross country trip. There are a few hiccups along the way but they make it there.

I liked this book. It has the right amount of crime, mystery and action to it. The description that goes on Amazon really sums up the book better than I ever could. Lol. An enjoyable read.

From Best Friends to Lovers by April Dryad


This is a new release, only having been out since the 3rd of this month.

June has broken up with her boyfriend of ten years, Sebastian. Her family was very excited by this, almost too excited. She’s been online friends with Jason for over ten years and they’ve literally talked about everything. Jason has always been there for June and has always supported her through things.

She’s ready to meet him in person as he’s ready to meet her as well. So she’s going to go visit him for ten days. It’s a seven hour bus ride to get to the town he lives in. Her nerves are working overtime and she’s not sure she should go through with this.


This is a short story, only around 17 pages. This story fills you in on their pasts some and it’s not raunchy like a lot of erotica books I’ve read. This is one of the cleaner versions I’ve read and I really like this one.

I don’t think this was set up to actually become part of a series but I could see it turning into one. It’s left open so that a sequel could be written if the author wanted too.

I would recommend this book to those readers out there who want some romance but also erotica with it that isn’t overly raunchy or way out there.

A great new author I’ve discovered.

The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter #2 by Jennifer Malone Wright


Chloe, Drew and Luke return in the second part of the Vampire Hunter’s Daughter series. Chloe has been in the hunter village for a couple months now and she has a set schedule she lives by. Each day requires a run, school and training. She pushes herself from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed.

She ends up in a fight with a girl at school over a misunderstanding when Chloe accidentally hits her in the face while trying to stop the girl from falling. They are both suspended from school for a week so she has some free time, right? WRONG.

Luke, her grandfather which we learned in the first book, is on the hunter counsel and they alot her a certain amount of money onto a joint checking account each month from her trust fund. Drew takes her to the city to go shopping one day as she needs new clothes and boots for winter. They end up having a great time shopping but know something is wrong when they walk outside.

It’s Christmas time and Chloe is feeling very sad. Drew takes her to her mom’s grave where they both end up with a huge surprise when they get ready to leave. It’s not a bad surprise. It’s a good one.

I’m honestly looking forward to reading the next parts of this series. I want to know how their surprise turns out. After I finish this series, I’m going to read the Arcadia Falls series which is a spin-off which features Chloe and the hunters as well. I believe it’s more focused on the vampire side of things though, I’m not 100% sure on that one.

I got this book while it was free. It’s for sale for 99 cents now.

The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter #1 by Jennifer Malone Wright


Chloe Kallistrate is fourteen or fifteen years old. She’s asleep one night when she starts having dreams of bright sunlight and earthquakes. She wakes up a minute later and realizes her bedroom light is on and that her mother was standing over her. Felicia, her mother, grabs her and shoves her in the closet telling her that she loved her and to stay there.

Chloe sits in the dark in her closet and is listening to the conversation going on in her bedroom between Felicia and Eli. There are others there. Eli says that he is going to kill Felicia and find her daughter and take her back to her father. Her father, Trevor, is pissed that Felicia ran away with his unborn child all those years ago and wants her back. He’s been searching this whole time trying to find her.

Chloe darts out of the closet and takes all of them by surprise. One of the men grabs her while Eli and Felicia start fighting. Needless to say, Felicia ends up dead. When they force Chloe to go with them, they are met by another group of people who are willing to do what it takes to keep Chloe safe. Chloe notices her captors speed and other things about them. The new people rescue her and take her to safety.

Everything is explained to her when she wakes up. But does she believe what she hears? What does she end up doing? Or not doing?

This book is only 50 pages long but it has a lot of action packed into those pages. It’s a good vampire read.