The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter #1 by Jennifer Malone Wright


Chloe Kallistrate is fourteen or fifteen years old. She’s asleep one night when she starts having dreams of bright sunlight and earthquakes. She wakes up a minute later and realizes her bedroom light is on and that her mother was standing over her. Felicia, her mother, grabs her and shoves her in the closet telling her that she loved her and to stay there.

Chloe sits in the dark in her closet and is listening to the conversation going on in her bedroom between Felicia and Eli. There are others there. Eli says that he is going to kill Felicia and find her daughter and take her back to her father. Her father, Trevor, is pissed that Felicia ran away with his unborn child all those years ago and wants her back. He’s been searching this whole time trying to find her.

Chloe darts out of the closet and takes all of them by surprise. One of the men grabs her while Eli and Felicia start fighting. Needless to say, Felicia ends up dead. When they force Chloe to go with them, they are met by another group of people who are willing to do what it takes to keep Chloe safe. Chloe notices her captors speed and other things about them. The new people rescue her and take her to safety.

Everything is explained to her when she wakes up. But does she believe what she hears? What does she end up doing? Or not doing?

This book is only 50 pages long but it has a lot of action packed into those pages. It’s a good vampire read.

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