Her Guardians (Her Guardians Trilogy #1) by Jaimie Roberts



Cassie is twenty-five years old and works in the traffic division of the local police unit. One of the actual officers, Michael, seems to hate her but she is lusting after him. Something she doesn’t really want to admit to anyone. A new cop joins their department. His name is Stephen.

She knows something is up between the two when Stephen takes an instant liking to her and Michael tells her to stay away from him but won’t give any reasons. One day after work, Michael pulls Cassie to the side and as they’re talking, her uncle walks up. He propositions them into taking some pictures for him because he is a photographer and wants to add more portraits to his portfolio. They agree and go back to the uncles house and start the photoshoot.

Things get hot and heavy between Michael and Cassie right in front of her Uncle. He is finally able to break into their trance-like states and she rushes to change clothes as she was only in Michaels work shirt. Michael is gone by the time she gets dressed and emerges from her uncles bedroom. Billy (her uncle) is gay and his partner Chris returns home with Chinese and even has Cassie’s favorite.

See, Cassie is special. She has a gift even though she considers it a curse. When she touches your hand, she can see your past, present and future. Whether it be good or bad. So she’s shocked when she first meets Stephen and doesn’t see anything when she shakes his hand. And she’s even more shocked when she does end up touching Michael’s hand after they have some words and she sees nothing with him either.

Cassie learns more about them and why she can’t see their pasts, present or their futures. Cassie likes both Stephen and Michael. Actually, she loves both of them. But she refuses to choose which one she wants after she learns something about them.


This was a great book. I got it yesterday free on Amazon. (It’s still free as of writing this article.) I started reading it right away and read until 4 this morning. I finished it after I got up and I must say, I did NOT see part of the story coming at the end! It surprised me but it was good. I can’t wait to eventually get the second book in this trilogy.

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