Twists and Curves (Infinite Curves #1) by Georgia Stockholm

twists and curves

Asher just returned home. She graduated from college and went on to another university to further her education. Things went wrong for her and she ends up back at home with her father.

Her best friend, Gabriel, talks her into going to a party. Her high school crush is going to be there and he’s recently single. So she agrees to go along to the party.

Asher is short with a few curves and an excellent top half. She thinks she looks good from the front but hates the way she looks when people see her from the side.

Dylan and Asher leave the party and end up going on a walk to talk. What happens after this point?



A SHORT but good story. A little bit of romance to go along in this book.


Free on Kindle

38 pages

Husband Wanted: Will Train (Destiny Bay Baby Dreams #1) by Helen Conrad

husband wanted

Charity is in a bind. Her brother, Mason, decided to tell their Aunt that she was married. Charity, Mason and their sister Faith were raised by their aunt after their parents were arrested and went to prison. She needed to find a solution to this and fast. When Mason had told her, Charity hadn’t contradicted him so the problem was just as much her fault as it was his.

Charity called a temp agency hoping to hire someone for the duration of her aunt’s visit, not really thinking everything through. When she called, Ross Carrington, answered the phone. His sister, who owned the agency, was on lunch and her secretary was away from her desk. When he realized whom the caller was, he had to take on the job himself. Only he couldn’t use his real name. He used his mother’s maiden name when he told Charity who to expect.

He showed up at her house but she thought that he was one of Mason’s friends who was supposed to pick Mason up. She let him in but when he tried to tell her who he was, she just talked over him and didn’t listen. The first few days that her aunt is in town are very eventful. Faith and two of her friends show up at her apartment. Then Mason comes back home. Mason and one of Faith’s friends leave together, but he takes her back to her parents in Colorado. Faith had brainwashed her.

Her aunt finds a picture of Ross on the front page of the paper about one of his big deals. She says the paper made a mistake by using his picture that they must look similar. That’s when Charity realizes who he is and is furious.

What happens from that point on? Are Charity and Ross really in love? Do they make it past the visit and continue on to a real relationship? Do they go their separate ways when the visit is done?

Free on Kindle

168 pages

Critical Care: 1 (Mercy Hospital) by Candace Calvert

critical care

Claire Avery used to be an ER nurse – until the fateful night her brother would be brought in with six other firefighters after a warehouse explosion. She freaked out and paniced and couldn’t help the staff anymore that night. Or for a while.

She decided to change paths. Instead of being an ER nurse, she would pursue a career in nurse education. So she started on the path and applied for a position at Mercy Hospital. Her first real assignment is to use her CISM training to help the nurses, doctors and other staff involved in the care of the kids and adults from the daycare fire.

She meets Logan Caldwell, head of the Emergency Department and all around grouch. He smirks at her and doesn’t appreciate her trying to create weak links in his nursing staff. But he soon realizes, she wasn’t creating weak links. She was actually helping them.

Claire, Logan, Erin, Sarah and others all work closely in the ER, much to Claire’s hate at first.

What happens with each one while working together? Who ends up together? Who’s relationships break up and are forever gone? Who are the good people and who are the bad?



I rarely actually LIKE books that don’t have paranormal things about them, much less LOVE a book without those elements. But I actually LOVED this book! It was a great read from the first page to the last. There is a lot of action in this book with some romance involved. I recommend this one for sure!


$9.99 on Kindle

286 pages

Worth the Risk (Entangled Indulgence) by Robin Bielman

worth the risk

Samantha Bennett is a freelance agent for Global Site. She was on her way to a meeting with the owner of another company to try and secure a contract with them in order to preserve sites along Roue 66.

Unknown to her, her competition is someone that she had a summer fling with around 5 years ago. Someone that she loved and never really got over. Dean Malloy entered the elevator at the same time she did and she instantly got nervous. But she refused to let this get in the way of securing the contract.

William Malloy is the owner of the company. But rest assured, he wasn’t just going to hand the contract over to his son Dean. He had to work for it just like Samantha had too. They each have their meetings with him.

Sam goes to leave the building but Dean stops her and asks her out for a drink and she agrees. Things go from there.

Do things end up being good or bad? What happens between the two of them at the bar? Who ends up with the contract for their company? What happens after the announcement of who receives the contract?



Even though this book is only 99 pages, it packs a wallop in it’s pages. This is something that could happen everyday if you really think about it. I liked this story because it is something that could be realistic and not something so far out there that it’s not possible.


99 cents on Kindle

99 pages

Safe by the Marshal’s Side (Witness Protection) by Shirlee McCoy

safe by the marshal's side

Annie is in witness protection with her daughter, Sophia. Her husband was murdered one night in their home. Annie was close to being next but the gunman’s weapon malfunctioned. Luckily, Sophia had been at the babysitter’s, even though she wasn’t supposed to be.

They have been in witness protection for close to a year now. They have been found twice at the safe houses which means there was a leak somewhere in the office. So Hunter, Burke, Josh and Serena decide to do things off the record. Instead of going to a safe-house, they take them to Hunter and Burke’s place. They remain safe there until after the trial.

And then all HELL breaks loose! Who is hurt in the end? Who is dead? Are things bigger and worse than what they seemed at the beginning of the trial? Who is the leak?



I LOVED this book. It has the right blend of action, adventure, threats and a little romance. It is an amazing read and I would suggest getting it while it’s free!


$2.99 on Kindle

219 pages

Reign of Blood (Reign of Blood #1) by Alexia Purdy

reign of blood

What can I say? I love fantasy books, especially if they are about vampires or werewolves. This one is about vampires.

A virus breaks out in the US first and pretty much wipes out the human population. There are the humans who seem immune to being turned, the feral vampires and then the hybrid vampires. But April, her mom and younger brother didn’t know about the hybrids at first.

They stay in a cabin and bunker in the mountains of Las Vegas. They go to the city on runs when they need something. Jeremy only being 6 they take with them reluctantly. They can’t leave him by himself at the cabin in case something happens to both of them.

They go on a raid one day for food and other supplies. Her mom drops her off at a sporting goods store and a pharmacy and tells her to meet them at the supermarket which is their normal meeting place. April goes through both stores and gets what they need before heading to the supermarket. She secures the market making sure there aren’t any feral vampires inside.

When she walks outside, she realizes the van is in the lot and sees blood on it. She knows something is wrong. She looks for them as long as she can before heading back to the cabin/bunker for the night. She spends several days looking for them before getting herself in a bind. A hybrid named Miranda had been watching her and helps her out and takes her back to the base camp of other hybrid vampires.

Does April help them find a cure for vampirism? Does she get her family back? Does she find someone she recognizes at the compound? Is she able to be turned into a vampire? What all happens after being taken to the hybrid base camp? Get your copy to find out now!

99 cents.

319 pages

Cinderella is Evil (Fairy Tales Retold Series #1) by Jamie Campbell

cinderella is evil

We all know the traditional story of Cinderella. Where her father marries the step-mother and she gains two step-sisters but they are all evil. When her father dies, she becomes the maid and finally finds her happily ever after.

This story is told from Anastasia’s point of view. Cinderella’s father dies. The step-mother takes to her bed for a few months while Anastasia and Drizella take over the care of the house. Finally Cinderella starts helping out even though Anastasia tells her she doesn’t have too. Cinderella does it anyways to cope with her fathers dress.

An announcement comes that the king is holding a ball. The step-mother takes all three girls to a tailor and dresses are custom made for each of them: one green, one red and one butter yellow. Anastasia’s and Drizella’s arrive in perfect condition but Cinderella’s was torn when it arrived. Seeing the dress, she thinks that one of them did it and she goes off the deep end.

The day of the ball comes and Cinderella is sulking in her room, refusing to leave it.

Does she make it to the ball in this version? Does Drizella or Anastasia capture the Prince’s attention? Get your copy to find out.

Free right now on Kindle

30 pages

Vampire Vacation (The V V Inn #1) by CJ Ellisson

vampire vacation

Welcome to the Vampire Vacation Inn located in Alaska. Vivian, who goes by other names as well from past eras, is a 580 year old vampire who owns the inn with her human mated husband, Rafe. All the employees that work at the inn are human but know most of the guests are vampires. They are cool is working there and even donating blood to some of the vampires while they are there on vacation. (They all wear special bracelets in case of a panic or emergency).

Vivian, who was known as Alexandria at the time, used to be an Enforcer for the Tribunal. The Tribunal is the vampire justice “system” although they are corrupt. Vivian has killed two of them previously and knows she has more enemies after her that are on the Tribunal forces. Things start to go haywire when a new clan of vampires comes to stay for a week.

Vivian is checking out the rooms to make sure they are prepared for the new arrivals. Guess what she finds? A dead body. And he’s not registered at the inn as any of the vampires companions or mates. So she starts wondering how he got there. She call in Jon, a werewolf and friend, to help track the scent to see who could have killed him.

Well, things get worse before they get better. Vivian eventually has to rally all the master vampires that are there and the other non-master as well for a hunt. This hunt is sanctioned by the Tribunal which means they won’t get in trouble for it. Vivian KNOWS who is behind the killings but the others don’t want to fully believe her.

In the end, Vivian proves right and sets a trap. I will not tell you if it was a success or not. You will have to read the book to find out all the juicy details I’ve left out. And there are PLENTY of them. 🙂

A great read if you like romance, eroticism, werewolves and most importantly, vampires. 🙂

99 cents on Kindle

312 pages

Dishonorably Discharged #1 by Desean Rambo

dishonorably discharged

Kate had a great life. A good job, a good apartment and a great husband who was in the military. Until he comes home from the war with PTSD. They get in a fight one day and he spaces out and almost kills her. Luckily, a passing neighbor heard the commotion and called the police. Kate refused to press charges as she knew it wasn’t really him that had attacked her.

Justin moves out and in with a friend of his. It’s been five months since they’ve been together and they’re still separated. Kate decides she wants to work it out with Justin as she does love him and wants to be with him. So she gets a hold of his via Facebook and they start talking again. Gabe, Justin’s friend, accompanies them on their outings as Justin’s therapist suggests it. Which is good when they go play basketball one day.

Are Kate and Justin able to make it though everything? Are they able to get back together? Read this book to find out.

Free on Kindle 

109 pages

Taming the Vampire (Blood and Absinthe #1) by Chloe Hart

taming the vampire

Liz Marlowe is 1/16th green fae. Jack is all vampire. He is on the side of the fae and helps to stamp out evil in Boston. They hate each other.

Their first meeting when when they ended up fighting each other. This was to test her skill but she didn’t know that. She just thought he was another vampire trying to kill her or claim her. Her instructor declared it a draw as neither her nor Jack were going to let the other win.

There is a new threat in town. It’s killed three people and it attacked Liz one night. She realized what it was. Not thinking clearly, after talking to her best friend Celia, she went to Jack. He stitched her up and then she make a proposition to him.

What was this proposition? Do they really hate each other? Is it only one sided hate? What happens to the new threat? What happens to both Liz and Jack in the end?

Free right now on Kindle

93 pages

This is a nice little story. There is lots packed into the 93 pages and is a good read for those who like vampires and the paranormal.

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