Misconception (Finnegan Brothers #1) by Morgan Black



Misconception is the first book in the Finnegan Brothers series by Morgan Black. Lena is a college student. She returns home for the holidays a week before Christmas. Her sister, Kenz, and she are called into the same room with their parents. Then devastating news is handed down.

Lena, Kenz and their mother end up moving somewhere else because of this news. They try and start over. Three to four years later, Lena and Kenz are pulled back to where they ran from. And they aren’t happy about it. Especially Lena. She doesn’t know if the Finnegan brothers are still in the area and she doesn’t want to run into either of them.

She had dated Blake Finnegan before they moved. But along the way she started lusting after Slade. But Slade is a dick.


This is a SHORT story but it’s an okay one. It seems like it skips from past to present to past again without being clear on where they are. Overall an okay read.


Received free on promo.  99 cents at time of this posting

46 pages


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