Jack Templar Monster Hunter (Jack Templar Chronicles #1) by Jeff Gunhus

jack templar


Jack Templar Monster Hunter is the first book in the Jack Templar Chronicles by Jeff Gunhus. I haven’t heard of or read any of his books before. I like his writing style and this book.

Jack Smith is thirteen years old, turning fourteen the next day. When he wakes up, there are noticeable changes to his body. His biceps are bigger and things are easier for him such as running, jumping and fighting. His aunt is acting weird and won’t tell him what’s going on.

He goes to school and has a weird day. He is tripped by a weird man as he’s on his way to school, he takes on the school bully, and is then suspended by the principal which he learns is a monster. Only he thinks he’s seeing things. Since he was suspended, he leaves school and goes to head home. But an old woman approaches him and asks if he has any money to spare. He has 35 cents which he gives to her and is then shocked when she removes the makeup and prosthetics and it’s actually a young girl around his age.

She makes him an offer and he declines it at that moment. She retreats into the forest and is attacked. Jack, doing the noble and right thing, jumps into battle against her assailant. Only she screams at him not to kill the assailant which is too late by then. It lifts the ban on touching him and all the monsters are out to hunt a day early now. So they go on the run.


This is a great first book to read by a new author. I now want to read the rest of the books in the series and I will at some point. This book has it all: fantasy, thriller, an air of mystery, some romance. Overall a great book.


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. Given to me in mobi format but it is available on Kindle for 99 cents.

204 pages



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