The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap (Kavanagh Family #1) by Kendra Little



This is the first book in the Kavanagh Family series by Kendra Little.

Cleo is a trapper. She gets close to men and learns secrets about them and then the clients use the secrets to their advantages. Most of the clients are businessmen who want to close the same deal as another and need an edge to get it. Cleo works with a woman named Ellen and has been different than the normal girls who work for her. She doesn’t sleep with the clients for an additional fee.

Ellen has a new assignment for Cleo. His name is Reece Kavanagh. He’s a thirty-three year old billionaire who owns and runs his own financial company. He runs though PA’s quickly and he always sleeps with them. Most people describe him as a cold-hearted bastard and cruel. Cleo will be perfect for this assignment because she doesn’t fit his model type he usually goes after.

Ellen gives Cleo an invitation to an art gallery exhibit that night. Not only is she going to support her sister who has three pieces there, but she is to bump into Reece while there. It takes a while before he shows up and she makes it a point to introduce herself. He says he knows someone who could use her skills as they had talked and he takes her card. A little while later, she’s hiding in a supply closet with the lights off when Reece and his current PA walk in and have sex.

He sends the PA out of the closet and then talks to Cleo, realizing she was there after they had already started their little show. He ends up hiring her as his PA but things are different with her. He wants more than just to sleep with her. But what does Cleo want?


This is the first book I’ve read by Kendra Little. I liked it immensely. This was a good book to read. Romance, heart-break and an air of mystery. I definitely want to read the next book in this series.


Received free on promo on Amazon. Free at the time of this posting.

137 pages


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