Feral #1 by Velvet DeHaven



This is the first book in the Feral series by Velvet DeHaven.

Sofia is a college student. She broke up with her high-school boyfriend when she realized it wasn’t a healthy relationship. There were rumors flying around the small town and she didn’t like it. So she transferred to a college in England and finished out the 4 month semester there. After classes end, she returns back home.

Her best friend and her father meet her at the airport. It takes them two hours to get home and once she gets freshened up, they go out to dinner. The subject of her ex, Cole, comes up. She finds out that he left town around the time she did. She would later learn why. He comes back soon after she arrives back in town.

Sofia and Brie are starting at the local college. Sofia goes and signs up for her classes and gets her schedule. While she’s making her way to the book store, she runs into a very solid someone and falls on her butt. The someone happens to be Doctor Simon Treviso. There is instant chemistry between them but Sofia tries to deny it.

Over the course of a few days, they run into each other multiple times. Simon asks her out for lunch one day and before she can process it, she answers yes, not knowing why she did it. She goes to lunch with him and they end up talking. He invites her over that evening for dinner so they can talk more about something he needs to tell her but can’t in a public place. (Creepy, right? Not so much.)


I’m on a roll of reading new authors to me right now. This book is the first one I have read by Velvet DeHaven. I like it. She builds characters and situations that are close to real people. This is a good story and I can’t wait to get the next part in it.


Received free on promo. 99 cents at the time of posting

103 pages


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