Shifter Mountain by Annora Soule


Shifter Mountain is a paranormal romance written by Annora Soule. While this book isn’t part of a series, it could be made into one with the way it was left.

Kay Slacom is the last of the Slacom line. Her brothers, sister and mother passed when she was 16. At 19 she was forced to marry Cephas Mandrell. Cephas is a complete asshole. She puts up with him because she has no where else to go. Her father passed away so she truly was alone. She technically owned a lot of land on the mountain and the moonshine brand of Sugar Fire but when she married Cephas, it was all passed to him. Nothing was done in papers so she still really owned it.

Jordan Lawless came from Slopes Mountain. His mother took him and ran when he was 3 years old. He is a big western and country singer now. He is doing a cover of his mother’s favorite song and wishes to shoot on Slopes Mountain. One of his friends knows the perfect spot as he used to be a state trooper and knew the area. They get up there and Jordan is instantly attracted to Kay.

He interrupts an argument between her and Cephas’ brother, Daryl. This pisses Daryl off and he follows Jordan and his boys up to where they are on the mountain. Then things get funny for Jordan. He touches a rock and his hand starts turning to rock. He thought that skinwalkers, as they are called, were legends and myths. He’s slowly learning that he was wrong


I liked this book by Annora Soule. This was a first book I’ve read from her. This book is a shifter one but the people don’t take normal shifter shapes that other authors write about. There are panthers, hawks, salamanders and even turning into other people. A nice read.


Received free on promo. Still free at the time of this posting.

122 pages


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