Back in the Saddle (Jessica Brodie Diaries#1) by K.F Breene



The Amazon description accompanying this book is a good one: On the tail end of another heartache, Jessica decides she’s had enough. Enough parties, enough mistakes, and enough of this rut she’s thrown herself into. When college finally grinds to a halt after four hazy years, she makes a decision. She’ll take a job in Texas, move out of L.A. for the first time in her life, and wipe the slate clean.

If only growing up was that easy.

Not one night in Texas and she meets the most ruggedly handsome cowboy she’s ever seen. William Davies has it all: wealth, prestige, profitable business ventures and women throwing themselves at him. But while Jessica theoretically knows he’s way out of her league, old habits die hard.

As Jessica struggles to flesh out this new life, William struggles to keep her at arm’s length. But Fate, and an adventurous spirit, has Jessica continuously bumping into him, making a mark as only she can.


Jessica leaves her friends and moves to Texas where she has a new job as an entry level accountant. Her first day in the small town and she runs into the hottest cowboy she’s seen and she also makes a jackass out of her self. (It’s funny, it really is.)

After a few mishaps with William, she distances herself. She quits going out with her new friends who are almost all connected to him. She throws herself into work and going to the gym. One night, she is going through her closet and she finds a little black dress that she had only worn once before. Not thinking she could fit into it, she tries it on and it fits her. So she wants to go out. She calls Adam, one of her new friends, and he invites her to where the rest of them, sans William, are at.

She and William end up in a dance-off which she wins but he is a dick and is really rude in what he says to her afterwards. So again, back to not going out. Only this time, she’s had enough. She can’t decide where she wants to go but she doesn’t want to stay in Texas anymore.

But is William going to be that easy to get rid of? Is he really going to let her getaway? Or will she actually leave?


This was a nice book. There are a few grammatical errors in the book but nothing that can’t be overlooked. There was a lot going on in this book but it’s good.


Received free on promo. Free as of this posting.

238 pages


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