Trapped in a Gilded Cage (Sold to the Alpha #1) by Cara Wylde



Cara Wylde is a new author on the scene. This is her first book and it happens to be the first in a series.

Avelyn was abandoned when she was a baby and given to the Alma Venus boarding school. This school is one of the many who takes young girls and prepares them to become shifter-brides. Each girl is tested and put in a different class. Avelyn is strong-willed, disobedient and self-destructive. She decided at an early age she didn’t want this life. She started to skip classes, tried to run away a few times and she even started eating so much so as to make herself bigger.

The Guardians and the headmistress decided she was a lost cause so they quit bothering with her and let her do what she wants. One day she goes outside instead of attending classes. There she runs into Max Blackmane. He happens to be the second wealthiest and baddest wolf shifter in Europe. He comes to Alma Venus on a whim and ends up choosing four girls for him to interview.

Avelyn tries her best to blow the interview. But it doesn’t work on Max. He’s not sure which girl he wants to go with but he feels attracted to Avelyn for some reason. But he also likes her friend Delyse.


This is a good book. I saw it being shared on Facebook and wanted to read it. So I bought the book and started reading it right away. I like this book because the characters are awesome and relate-able. Avelyn is like so many women today being that she’s strong-willed and has her own set of rules to live by. I HIGHLY recommend this book.


99 cents on Kindle

85 pages


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