One Letter (One Soldier #1) by Christin Lovell

one letter


One Letter is the first book in the One Soldier series by Christin Lovell. So far there are three books in the series. I don’t know if there will be more than that or not. I currently have all three in this series.

Kellie Patrick is a curvy woman. One day she decides to send a letter to a soldier in the war as she heard it really helps them while they are there. Sergeant Daniel Rodriguez is the lucky one to end up with her letter. They send letters back and forth for a few years before they finally meet.

Daniel was going to Savannah, Georgia where Kellie lived. She wasn’t expecting him for another day but he shows up a day early, taking her and her friend Hannah by surprise. Hannah subtly threatens Kellie to answer the door or she’ll open it herself. Kellie reluctantly opens the door, having second doubts. She’s a bigger girl, he’s a ripped soldier. Why would he possibly be interested in her?

Hannah erases herself from the equation after introducing herself to Daniel. She leaves and that means that Kellie and Daniel are left alone. But how does this first meeting turn out?


Christin Lovell is a new author to me. A friend shared her Amazon page and I went to it. Almost all of her books were free when I went so I have a huge collection of her books now, including a few series.

This book was a good first choice for me to read by her, in my opinion. What girl doesn’t fantasize about meeting a hot military guy and hitting it off? I know I do. (Admits it open-heartedly.)

Kellie is a wonderful character in this book as is Daniel. They are both typical “american” characters and could pass as you and I. A good start to a series.


Received free on promo. $2.99 at time of this posting

47 pages


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