72 Hours Till Doomsday by Melanie Schweder

72 hours


This book follows three different people in three different places in the world. London, Englad follows Gregor. Istanbul, Turkey follows Altan. Oxnard, California follows Matias.

Each place in the world is plagued with rebels, trying to take over. The rebels are able to take over in some places around the world but not all. What is special about these three places?

Gregor works in a power plant. It is overrun with rebels and the teams of employees break into their groups and try to escape. Who all is able to escape the power plant and make it to safety?

Altan owns and runs an oil company. There are several different oil rigs around the world that his company owns. What happens when some of them are taken over by rebels? Most importantly, what happens close to where his family lives?

Matias is a poor man who works in the strawberry fields with his two daughters. His wife is sick and can’t work. His daughters quit school willingly to help make ends meet. Some of the strawberry fields are set on fire. What happens to the field that Matias and his family works in?


My Personal Opinion:

This was a good book for being so short. Honestly, I expected this to be a zombie novel by the cover. I usually get books when the cover attracts my attention. I don’t read descriptions of the books beforehand. I can say, I wasn’t expecting the endings to each person’s stories as they happened. I was expecting differently, thinking different scenarios for each one.


Available for $2.99 on Kindle

49 pages

(I received this free on promo)

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