Dominion of the Damned by Jean Marie Bauhaus


Meet Hannah Jordan. A second year nursing student. She is awakened one morning to her father shaking her to wake her up and shoving a gun in her hand. He tells her to keep the way cleared to the bomb shelter that they all needed to get down there. Her father is ambushed while carrying her pregnant mother. She is able to get her mother into the bomb shelter and her mother gives birth to her brother, Noah. Her mother dies in the process.

Hannah kills her mom as she came back as a zombie. She digs a shallow grave and drags her mom to it. While doing so, her father drags himself toward her and she kills him as well, burying them together in the shallow grave. She goes back to the bomb shelter with her brother and they stay there for five months. When she emerges one night, she is surprised to see people living in some of the houses, including people in hers.

But she learns they aren’t people. They are vampires. Hannah and Noah are taken into custody and taken to a prison to keep them safe from the general population of vampires and from the “shamblers” or zombies that are abound. They are separated as that is how the vampires work to keep people in line and to assure cooperation to the fullest.

Hannah and Noah are rescued by a vampire doctor who hates that he is a vampire and is looking for a cure.

What happens after Alek takes them away from the prison and to his camp? What all havoc ensues a band of rogue humans getting into the camp? Who all makes it through to the end of the book? To get these answers and more, get your copy.

$4.99 on Kindle

395 pages


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