Midnight by Mari Adkins



I received this book as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Book Club. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review of it.

Samantha – Sami – is a twenty-two year old college student. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her boyfriend. One night, he starts beating her worse than ever and she knows she needs to get away or he is going to kill her. She escapes with her car full of stuff and her cat and heads just drives. Unconsciously, she ends up looking for someone she loved, Steve.
She finds him and he lets her stay at his house with her. Things start to look better for her for a while. Until she starts digging around into things that she shouldn’t mess with. She ends up falling in love with a nineteen year old senior in high-school. She is in love with Steve and Jeremy at the same time.
She starts to realize things about Steve, Jeremy and others in the town where she is. Steve keeps telling her that she needs to get out of there but she doesn’t listen to him. He says the town will slowly start to kill her and she soon realizes what he means.


My Personal Opinion:

I really enjoyed this book. It doesn’t seem as it the others who have reviewed this book have liked it but I did. If I don’t like a book, either I don’t finish reading it or I let my opinion be known about it.
This book is not like the traditional vampire books that are out there. This one was much more enjoyable than them because the vampirism is not at the forefront of the novel.
The ONLY problem I did not like was the ending of the book. It ends all of a sudden. I SERIOUSLY hope there is a second book to go along with this one and I hope that I am able to review it as well. If this is where the book ends and there is no other books, then I will say it is a bit of a disappointment.


 $6.99 on Kindle

285 pages


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