Ninja Nanny: The Beginning by Natalie Newport



Natalie is a nanny. She works for a couple who have an infant. She goes to the store one day with him in a carrier on her back and meets her new best friend Sam while standing in line. A while later, the family is moving to Italy so she becomes unemployed.

The unemployment doesn’t last long as she’ll be starting a new job in a couple weeks. Sam and Natalie decide to go on a mini vacation before then as Natalie really needs one. They decide to drive from Washington state to San Francisco, California and make a few stops along the way.

Natalie is in love with a firefighter that attends her gym even though they’ve never gone out before. When she gets back, she wants him to go with her for the day and he agrees after he gets the day off of work. Many different things happen throughout this book. Some good and some not so good.


My Personal Opinion:

This was an excellent book. This book had my attention from front to back and every page in between. Natalie is a well-rounded character who takes on more than what most people can handle. She is a great heroine and someone that kids could look up to if she was a real person. Definitely recommend this book.


$3.99 on Kindle

232 pages

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