Second Chance by Audra North


Marnie is the town librarian. It happens to be Halloween day. Children are there in their costumes to be read a story. Marnie reads them a story about a ghost that lives in a library, their library.

She sees a few adults in the audience that she recognizes. The first being her father who had abandoned her and her mother when she was twelve. He was there with his son with his other wife. The other person she sees and recognizes is her old crush from high school. And she thinks that he’s there with one of the kids and is a father now. She is only half right.

She reads the story to the kids and then her step-brother, who doesn’t know they are related, gets upset when the “treat” they get is a bookmark. He throws it away and throws a fit while going over to their dad. Collin, the crush, speaks up and says something, as the dad had only told the child they’d get more candy.

Well, something funny happens. They trip over NOTHING. There were no runs in the carpet, it wasn’t bunched up, absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. When everyone cleared out, Marnie was standing there thinking and she SWORE that the air was listening to her thoughts and laughing at her.

Things get strange from then on out. But I’m not going to ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to read it to find out!


Audra North is a new author to me. I haven’t read her works before and I was pleased with this one. There was a couple of parts that almost brought me to tears. When a book can do that, then I know it was worth reading! I highly recommend this book.


63 pages

Free right now. Normally 99 cents



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