The Hot Girl’s Friend by Lisa Scott



Jane is average. Her best friend Miranda is hot and beating off the guys. They go to the bar a lot and all the guys approach Jane to ask about Miranda. She veers some off from their quest by making up excuses. Brady, the bartender, over hears her one night and helps her out.

Each night, Miranda asks what the stories are and chooses her favorite one. She has a bucket list she is trying to finish. Both of them had leukemia when they were little only Mirandas was worse. Most with her type of cancer don’t live past forty so she was living it up while she could.

Brady is interested in Jane but she thinks he feels sorry for her. He takes her out to a baseball game that he is in, to the winning party afterwards, a friends barbeque and his brother’s birthday party before taking her out to dinner on his own.

Do Brady and Jane end up together? Or is he using her to get to Miranda? Does he feel sorry for her? Is it all because of pity?

Read this book to get your answers. 🙂


Free on Kindle

33 pages


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