Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr


Kim Long is a legal secretary at a law firm. She used to work for Rob at the old firm but when he moved, he brought her with him. She enjoyed working for Rob because he wasn’t hard to work for. At this new job, she had some eye candy. An associate name Nicholas Strong.

She’d been at the firm for about four months when they “officially” talked for the first time after Rob mentioned Kim’s blog in front of Nicholas. Kim keeps a chic lit blog and it has become very successful. Many authors, publishers and agents were contacting her to review their books on her blog and she was backed up.

Her and Nicholas eventually begin going out, even though she doesn’t know whether to consider them boyfriend or girlfriend. Kim had her ten year high school reunion to attend and she was tracked down by none other than Hannah Marschek, the popular girl from high-school who tried and failed to make her life hell during those four years.

Hannah had written a book and wanted Kim to review it but Kim really didn’t want to. She didn’t want to be nice to the popular girl from high school and she certainly didn’t want to review Hannah’s book on her blog if it was a good read. What does she do on this situation?

Nicholas pushes Kim to realize that she really wants to be a writer instead of a legal secretary. So, instead of accepting what he says, she snaps on him. They get into a fight and it ends with Nicholas leaving her apartment while slamming the door behind him.

What all happens with Kim? What about Kim and Nicholas? There are more characters in the book that you grow to like as well such as Caroline, Johnathon and Bridget as well as some other office workers.


This book was good. I started reading it and just couldn’t put it down. I rarely have books that I hate putting down or ones that I refuse to put down. This falls in the latter category.

This book has love, lust, friendship, romance and more in it. I could very seriously see the things happening in this book, happening in real life! It is that believable. I would highly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy romance or contemporary books.


407 pages



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