Spring Shadows (Seasons of Love #3) by Jennifer Gracen



Lydia, Sam and others from the first two books reappear in the next to last book of the series.

Lydia and Sam have been dating now for a few months. Things are going good. Matt is taking Andy for a few days while Lydia goes to Chicago to spend Christmas with Sam. Only Matt didn’t know that Lydia was leaving. When he finds her suitcase ready to go, he gets pissed off. I mean seriously pissed off. They fight it out right there in her bedroom in her apartment while Andy plays in his room.

Matt takes Andy and leaves. Lydia goes to the airport and spends her few days in Chicago. Sam comes to New York a few days later to spend New Years there with here. There is a ten day vacation from school coming up. Lydia’s family is all getting together in Florida where her parents live. Only she refuses to go there.

So Jane sends Sam an email and suggests a place they can vacation. Lydia loves the vacation that they share with Andy as he goes with them instead of staying with his father. Lydia is in Chicago when it is Sam’s mother’s birthday. He springs a big announcement on his family but it wasn’t news to Lydia as they had already talked. But things get very bad, very quick because Alec turns into the prick that we all have come to know him to be. (He admits he’s a prick so I can call him this. 🙂 )


I LOVE this book. I received an ARC copy and read it immediately. The things that come up in Sam and Lydia’s relationship could be things that happen in present relationships. This book made me CRY in parts. I rarely cry while reading a book but this one made me! It is a great book and I HIGHLY recommend this book.

This book will have you glued to the pages and rooting for them through the struggles and triumphs in their relationship as well as the things that happen to them individually. Jennifer Gracen has made a whole cast of character who are life-like and could pass as you and I.


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