Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse… One Beer at a Time by Richard Johnson


Things start out normal. Charlie Campbell is a substitute teacher at a local school. It’s summer time and he is one of the summer school teachers. NONE of the kids listen to him and one is always causing him problems. So what does Charlie do to get even? He changes his grades in the computer. Simple enough. The school day ends and Charlie goes home. Tonight is his friend Blake’s bachelor party.

All of Blake’s friends, college and work, are going out to where Blake has planned a full night out. Charlie ends up going home with a hooker even though he doesn’t know that she is a hooker. The next morning, he starts realizing things aren’t quite right. A man in a business suit attacks others while on the Subway. He makes it home and they later realize what is going on.

Blake, Charlie, Trent, Smokey, Russ, Bruce, Mike, Left Nut and others are trapped in Smokey’s building. But it’s a good thing as the building had been retrofitted for this kind of thing. They are surviving mainly on alcohol, caught rain water and cat food from the downstairs neighbor. Realizing they were in dire straights and that Blake needed insulin, they go on a mission for food, clothes and medicine.

Things go from bad to worse. Several of them end up dead and zombified. They end up being seen by a helicopter and are given a message.


There is so much that goes on in this book that it’s not possible to even write about HALF of what goes on. Fans of zombies will like this book as it is not lacking at all. The only thing I wish, was that some of the characters who died had actually lived and some of them who lived had died. But that happens with all books and shows of this nature. So really, no complaints from this book at all.


$2.99 on Kindle

256 pages


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