Grace Lost (The Grace Series #1) by M. Lauryl Lewis


This is the first book in the Grace Series. I have read it before but just recently got two more books that are in the series. So I just reread it.

This first book is about the outbreak and surviving lift in the zombie world. Zoe Kate and Adam Boggs have been best friends forever. Boggs is three years older than Zoe and is back visiting from college when the world goes to hell. They were in the woods at the cabin they used to always hang at when they both noticed something was horribly wrong.

One of the men they had buried a few days before, was walking! Through the woods. Towards them. Boggs grabs Zoe and pushes her inside the cabin and shuts the door and then scoots the loveseat in front of the door. It didn’t weigh much so the old man was moving it. Zoe climbs out the back window and lands on her hip, cutting herself. Boggs follows behind and they go to his parents house as it’s closer than her house.

They load his explorer up with supplies and then leave. They run into trouble on the road when they stop for gas but a guy named Gus saves them and joins them on their travels. Zoe ends up getting really sick and scares both of them as they don’t think she’ll make it at first. She ends up pulling through it and they move on with another new addition to their “family”.

What all happens from here on out? Let me answer that for you. A LOT happens. And I mean a lot.

I am a fan of post-apocalyptic and zombie books and this one doesn’t disappoint at all. I have the other two books in this series so I will start reading them next. 

Free on Kindle right now

331 pages

$2.99 normally


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