Sacred Bloodlines (The Sacred Guardians #1) by Wendy L Owens


Meet Gabe. He knows there is something wrong with him but he doesn’t know what it is. He can see auras around some people. But only when they are faced with certain death. He has this sighting one day while at the train station.

The train station rocks some as a small explosion occurs. He hides under a bench as the ceiling comes caving in. A strange guy walks up and sits down on the bench. Gabe pretends to be out of it but the stranger doesn’t stop in her persistence of a conversation with Gabe or from getting him out from under the bench.

The stranger is able to distract the cops so that they can leave the subway station. They get on Gabe’s dirt bike and ride off, meeting up with Sophie in an older Mustang Shelby GT some hours later. As they get closer and closer to the manor, they realize the danger that’s coming.

Uri and Sophie make Gabe stay in the car, hidden. They get out of the car and that’s when things get surreal for Gabe. He hears them fighting and he pops up to see what’s going on. That’s when Gabe thinks he is loosing his mind. Sophie technically dies but Gabe saves her and brings her back. He blacks out after that.

There is plenty more adventures in this book. This is all only in the first couple of chapters!!!!



I highly recommend this book. All the characters in this book are well-developed and seem more like real people than characters in a book. You can’t help but to like the characters and root for them in their trials and errors throughout the book.


Free right now on Kindle. 

270 pages


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