Tainted Grace (The Grace Series #2) by M Lauryl Lewis


This is the second book in the Grace series. 

Zoe, Boggs, Em, Gus and more return in the second installment of this series. By now, you know that Zoe is pregnant with Boggs baby. Gus used to be a medic in the army and he knows the Zoe is measuring bigger than what she should at just over 8 weeks pregnant. And it only gets worse each day.

Their home and area the home is in is breached. There are people out there luring the zombies closer to their house. When they go out one morning, Gus spots the glint off a pair of binoculars and hurries to get Zoe and Boggs back in the house without making it look like they were spooked. Everyone spends the night in the attic and then emerges into the cabin the next morning. They have two guests who are not infected and they invite them in.

Together they all start making plans to get back to their cabin to get the others and then go in search of an island that they can make into their home. They run along some problems along the road of leaving the cabin they’ve been in and to the island in the end.

What all goes wrong for this band of survivors? What goes right for them? Let me tell you, more goes wrong for them than you think.

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic books or zombie books, I suggest reading this series. I have finished the first and second books and am getting ready to start on the third. Normally, I take breaks while reading books. But when I read the first book and now this second book, I read them all the way through.

$5.99 on Kindle

343 pages


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