The Billionaire’s Hotline (Men of the Capital #1) by Cara Nelson


Jasper is a CEO and owner of a business. He doesn’t like wasting his time. So instead of dating the normal way, he has disposable phones bought and handed out to people who he thinks he’s looking for: blonde, tanned, toned and unoriginal.

Becca fits this description but doesn’t want the phone. So she gives it to someone close to her. When Jasper texts the phone that was supposed to be Becca’s, he ends up with a startling surprise. The person on the receiving end of the phone, isn’t who he was expecting to show up.

What does Jasper do now? What does the person who Becca gave the phone too? How many lives are ruined by this method of “dating”?


This is the first book by Cara Nelson that I have read. I must admit that I like her writing style. This was a good read. I just wish it had been longer


99 cents on Kindle

92 pages


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