Unhallowed Curse (Sacred Guardians #2) by Wendy L Owens


Gabe, Uri, Sophie, Dina and others return in the second installment of the Sacred Guardians series by Wendy Owens.

The book starts out with Gabe taking his tests. He is to face three creatures to see if he is ready to advance from second year to third year student at Rampart. He defeats the three creatures but Michael, the headmaster, thinks he could have done things differently and that he was too flashy while doing it. Part of being a third year is going out on missions with fellow students but Michael doesn’t feel that Gabe is ready for this. Gabe is passed to a third year status but with the stipulation of NO missions.

Then things start going wrong. Dina and Raimie are the perfect couple but start fighting and end up casting spells against each other. And Sophie, who is normally a sweet girl, starts to get angered at the littlest things. Gabe knows that something is wrong but one one wants to listen to him at first.

Michael, Uri and Gabe all leave Rampart Uri and Gabe head to Iron Gate while Michael heads off in the opposite direction in order to lead the trackers on the wrong path. Uri and Gabe make it to Iron Gate but Patina, the headmistress there, doesn’t like them interfereing and she ends up putting them under room arrest. They sneak out of their rooms and run into a female student who had actually been on her way to meet with them.

She takes them where they want to go and then all hell breaks loose.


This was a great book. I thought the first book was good but it was NOTHING compared to this second book. I highly recommend this series from Wendy Owens.


$2.99 on Kindle

299 pages


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