Dark Grace (The Grace Series #3) by M. Lauryl Lewis


This is the third installment of the Grace series by M. Lauryl Lewis. The gang returns in this book as well as a few new characters.

Some of the group are lost, both to other humans and to zombies. I’m not going to tell you who was lost though.

Boggs finds out about Zoe and Gus and walks out on the group. The group as a whole, minus Zoe and Gus decide to leave where they were holed up at the time. Zoe and Gus go looking for them after Gus is better to find they had fled their new home in a hurry. They find a map and Zoe recognizes the area so they set out on the road to there.

They hit several bumps along the way and some of them aren’t easy bumps to recover from but they make it through. What all happens on their journey? Many things happen and no amount I write in this could do this book or the series justice in my opinion.

I would seriously suggest picking up this series if you are into zombie novels or post-apocalyptic scenes.

$5.99 on Kindle

387 pages


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