Fallen Grace (The Grace Series #4) by M Lauryl Lewis


Zoe, Boggs, Gus, Nathan, Susan and more return in the fourth installment of the Grace series. From previous books you know the world has gone to hell. Literally.

The world is plagued with zombies and now other creatures. There are zombies who can talk and walk, worm like things, things hunting and killing zombies and more.

Zoe is thrown for a loop one day when out on the beach. She comes across something that NEVER should have been there but was. Zoe’s powers are getting stronger but weaker at the same time.

They loose several people in their new “family” but gain others in the long run. One of the ones whose been there from the beginning is lost but it’s not who you would have expected to perish first!



I really like all the books in the Grace series. I am waiting on the fifth installment to come out. Hopefully it is soon.


$5.99 on Kindle

222 pages


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