Fissure Free (Schasm #2) by Shari J Ryan

fissure free

This book was read and reviewed as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

Fissure Free is the second book in the Schasm series by Shari J Ryan. I absolutely LOVED the first book and LOVED this one as well.

Chloe, Alex and others return from the first book. Things are a lot different in this book. Chloe ends up having premonitions of her future while in her “imaginary” world, as her mother likes to call it. Chloe learns about the existence of her Uncle as well as his other personalities. She also learns about her mother and why her mother is the way she is. It doesn’t excuse her behavior but it does help her understand more.

Chloe begins to remember things from when she was little with the help of Alex and Celia. She also learns some IMPORTANT information. Alex and Celia aren’t figments her imagination created and they aren’t far from her. They never have been.

The ending of this book shocked me but at the same time it didn’t. You could tell by the way things were going on what it was going to lead too.

There are a few MINOR editing things that need done but NOTHING that interferes with the story or makes it difficult to read.


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