Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes


Caitlin Meyers is passionate about one thing in life. Helping troubled teens. Caitlin was a troubled teen herself and the Stoney Brooke camp was where she received her help. It turned her life around and she wants to do the same thing for other teens.

Brandon Barnes is what the people of Lone Tree call an ogre. He is mean and doesn’t put up with crap from anyone. His financial counselor, Alan, decides to talk him into tearing down Stoney Brooke and to build a resort there instead.

Dalton Barnes is Brandon’s younger brother. He hasn’t wanted anything to do with the family business in years. But for once, he wants the responsibility.

Caitlin ends up devising a plan to kidnap Brandon so that she can talk some sense into him and not close the camp. Her calls are always declined by Alan and she never hears back regarding letters she sends. She’s desperate. She ends up kidnapping Dalton instead of Brandon.

What happens? Is Caitlin able to use Dalton to get what she wants? Does Brandon back down and give in? Does Caitlin end up in jail for kidnapping?



380 pages


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