When Fully Fused (Schasm #3) by Shari J Ryan

when fully fused


This is the third and final book in the Schasm Series.

Chloe returns in the third book of this series. Alex and Sammy are both in her life in her “dream” world. They have moved multiple times trying to stay away from Franco’s men who keep pursuing them about the locket that Chloe had found in the catacombs under Paris when she drifted one day.

Alex finally wears Chloe down into telling her about the day their son was born in the real world since he wasn’t there for it. In return, Chloe wears Alex down about the necklace. She had Celia watch Sammy and then went to the library. She did some research on the necklace. It had been deemed the “Necklace of Death”. (There is a bit of a back story to the necklace in here that involves some of Chloe’s ancestors).

Alex and Chloe know what they must do. They find Franco in the dream world. Only, Alex doesn’t live much longer after that. Alex knows what he has to do to get Chloe to realize what she must do in the end.


I’m not giving anymore away about this book. I have read all three and this is by far the best book in the series. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the other two books as well but I think this one was better! It kinda makes you start thinking and it might confuse you some while you read but you eventually realize what is being said and done.

I would HIGHLY recommend reading this entire series by Shari J Ryan.


360 pages


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