Her Last Love Affair #1 by Clara James

love affair

Allie Mclaren is a reporter. At the beginning of the story we learn of one of her articles being scrapped by the editor. When she is arguing with him, her assistant pokes his head in and tells her she has an important call on line two. She goes back to her office and takes the call. It is the nurse from her doctors office asking her to come in as soon as possible.

Allie makes her way to the doctors office where she is given some bad news. She has leukemia. She opts out of chemotherapy as she doesn’t want to spend her last days, weeks or months in the hospital. She would rather carry on with her life. She returns to her office and sends out an email to one of her old college friends.

Deciding to live life the way she wants and to quit missing out on everything, she joins Facebook and looks up some old friends from high school and college. She sets dates up with a few of the guys and has sex with them after each date.

Along comes Reece. The guy she lost her virginity to in high school. Things get pretty cozy between them even though she told him no relationship. She wasn’t honest with any of the guys as she didn’t tell them she was dying.

She thinks things are different with Reece. Does she tell him she has leukemia? Or does she let him think the bruises are from him being too rough with her? Does Reece decide to stay with her or leave? Find out by reading this short story.

Free on Kindle right now

83 pages


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