The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


Hazel is a cancer patient. She had thyroid cancer but it spread to her lungs. She is on medicine to keep the cancer from growing and is on oxygen.

Her mother is tired of her staying in the house all the time and sequestering herself in her room. So she makes her go to a cancer support group. Survivors and people in remission attend once a week to help with the depression. The attendees are always changing because some succumb to cancer.

One meeting, Augustus Waters attends with his friend Isaac. Isaac is going to be losing his remaining eye in a few weeks and Augustus is there for support. He watches Hazel from the moment she walks in until the end of the session. She ends up going to his house with him and watching a movie.

A romance blossoms in the end. And it’s a great romance.



There is NOTHING I could write that would do this book justice in my opinion. This was an AMAZING book by an amazing author. He gets you to thinking throughout the book. I would HIGHLY recommend this book!


$2.99 on Kindle

337 pages


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