Death Has A Daughter (DHAD #1) by Candice Burnett


Cendall is a Reaper. As in Grim Reaper. She is the first ever female reaper. All children start training to become reapers at 6 years old. Cendall almost wasn’t allowed to train because she is female. Her father pleaded with the council and a deal was finally made so that she could train to become a reaper.

They train for ten years before they graduate training. They are given a list of 200 names of souls to collect but have to be weary of Guardians who could be protecting those names. All the students who pass training have until they turn 18, which is 2 years from the time they graduate, to prove that they deserve to be Reapers. No one thinks that Cendall will make it through training.

The last day comes and she was ranked 2nd among her class. She overtakes Drake, her nemesis, and becomes 1st after beating him in their last training matches.

Cendall is given her list and starts researching them. Most aren’t given anyone above a level two depending on rankings. A few of the upper ranked students usually get threes. Cendall ends up with a four, a few threes and the rest ones and twos. Her four is going to be her hardest one and she soon finds out just how hard it will be.

Who is Cendall’s four? Is she able to get that person’s soul? What kind of trouble can she get herself in? (The answer to this one is plenty.)


My Personal Opinion:

Cendall is a female character that one can like instantly. You pull for her through the entire book hoping things work out in her favor. This book was a very enjoyable read and I had run reading it from start to finish in one sitting.


$0.99 on Kindle (I got it free on promo)

139 pages


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