Death’s Dilemma (DHAD Series #2) by Candice Burnett


Cendall, Lacie, Trevor and other’s return in the second installment of the Death Had a Daughter series by Candice Burnett. The first review can be found under the Previous Blog Links pages.

Cendall is a Grim Reaper. History’s ONLY female reaper. So what happens? Well, Cendall graduates from Reaper school and received her first list in the first book. She had all the names on her list but two. Lacie and Chloe. She knew Lacie wasn’t supposed to even be on the list period and Chloe was her best friend’s girlfriend, so she couldn’t kill her either. Cendall was banished from the demon realms and is working with Guardians to help keep Lacie safe.

In this book, Cendall and Lacie are attending high-school. They are seniors. Cendall hates being around all the other Guardians while they all hate being around her too. There is nothing natural about a Reaper and a Guardian working together, right? Cendall and Lacie are in all the same classes and are always close to each other. Things start heating up in the book when an attack is made by a couple Reapers in the gymnasium.

Cendall ports Lacie out of there and goes back to the gym. John, another Reaper, thinks he’s going to best Cendall and collect the bounty that’s on her head. Drake, yet another Reaper, foils that. We know from the first book that Drake and Cendall were to marry each other. He doesn’t know what caused Cendall to protect someone who was on her list but he knows that something isn’t right.

Eventually, there’s an attack. Many lives are lost and Cendall is beyond PISSED. Cendall has an idea but doesn’t know if it’ll work or not. She enlists Drake and he helps willingly cause fate’s a funny thing. At the end of the book, Cendall’s father reappears and we finally learn of Cendall’s heritage. But it’s not what one might have thought.Things have got a whole lot more complicated than they already were.

This book is DEFINITELY worth a read after reading the first book. I guess it could be read as a standalone but you’d be missing out on some parts of the book where it refers to things that happened in the first book. I can’t wait until the third book in the series comes out in 2015.


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