Finding Judgement (Centre Games #2) by Natalie Gayle


The first book, Finding Trust, focused on Brayden and Rihanna. This book focuses on Rory and TJ aka Pixie.

We first met TJ a few months ago when Rory helped her unhitch a trailer from her truck when it caught fire while the Centre team was dealing with a biological threat. Ever since then, TJ has been on Rory’s mind and he’s had fantasy after fantasy when it comes to her. She fills his thoughts all the time and it concerns him.

The Centre is now working an assignment for the food adminisration. There are cows producing genetically modified milk and it’s causing serious problems, most of which are cancer. TJ works as the owner/operator/truck driver for the hauling company her grandfather had started a long time ago. Her father inherited it when her grandfather passed and she inherited it when her father and brother passed.

She was unknowingly transporting this milk from the farm to the dairy. One night, she is set up. She is dragged not so nicely from the cab of her truck. When her feet hit the ground, it breaks her ankle. Rory was there immediately as he’d been assigned to follow her for the modified milk assignment. He stops the men from dragging her off and kidnapping her. She refuses to give up on her milk run that night. Rory calls for Quade and Jazz to come help out. Jazz gives her a pain killer and Rory drives the tanker to the diary with her directions on how to get there.

From then on, he’s glued to her side. And she’s not quite sure how she feels about that. Until her stepcousin comes calling right when she gets home from the hospital. She has never liked Kelvin and with good reason.


Many things happen in this book. I mean a lot. I just kept reading and reading. I couldn’t put it down, it was just too good. It was the same way with the first book. My daughter knew I was into the book and she let me read it without too many interruptions, lol. (That in itself is a rare occurrence.)


$3.99 on Kindle

433 pages



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