Finding Trust (Centre Games #1) by Natalie Gayle


Rihanna is a 30 year old equine (horse) veterinarian. Brayden is a part time rock god and full time secret operative. Brayden is playing a concert on New Years Eve when he meets Rihanna. Little does she know, she is his first target but their “relationship” grows beyond his work.

Rihanna and her father have and equine clinic. They are the best and are working on a project for the government dealing with a virus that affects horses and then secrets it into their mucus to let humans get the virus. They are trying to find the cure to it as it’s already killed hundred of horses and people. Her father, Peter, has already been kidnapped and she is their next target.

Rihanna is forced to leave the beach where the concert is held. Brayden notices and signals a break. He rushes from the stage and saves her. They go back to the concert and she sits backstage in the trailer for the guys while they finish playing. They leave quickly and go back to his house. She learns about part of his job.

The next day they go to her house. The clinic and their house have been ransacked. The canisters holding the virus, all 6, were missing as was the computer with all the data. Luckily, backups were sent to the government every day and she had a flash drive as well. She grabs a bag of clothes and they return to Brayden’s to await further instructions.

Brayden and Rihanna start a relationship. Brayden tells Quade and Rory, his two best friends about it and they support him. Rihanna, Brayden, Jazz (her best friend) and others Brayden work with go out on jet skies to look at a suspected terrorists house boat. They spend the day watching it while under the ruse of playing football, sun bathing and racing on the jet skies. As they take a second pass by the boat, the boaters open up fire. Rihanna recognizes one of the boaters and knows the target of where the virus is going to be released.

A plan is put into action to stop it. The virus is let loose into the water system that waters the horses. The horses are evacuated, hopefully before any are infected, from their stables to trailers to take them to a quarantine property. A horse spooks because of lightning and kicks Rihanna in the ribs and she gets trampled on. She loses consciousness and is brought back to reality when she is roughly hauled up and dragged away.

Brayden and Rory save her life. Quade ends up shot. Jazz goes to give him meds but Brayden stops her with a HUGE secret.

What is the huge secret? Why can’t she give him normal meds? What happens between Brayden and Rihanna in the end?

99 cents on Kindle

377 pages

(I got this free while on promo)


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