The Fire King’s Daughter (The Descendant’s #1) by T.E Ridener

fire king

Heidi is a fire user and ruler. Isaiah is an ice user and ruler. They are both sent to Earth from their world for their protection. A war was coming and the heirs to both thrones had to be safe. Isaiah was charged with watching out for Heidi as well.

They go to the same college. Whenever Isaiah doesn’t feel like going to class, he makes it snow until classes are cancelled. This really irritate Heidi as she does like learning.

One day, things go terribly wrong for both of them. Turns out that people they both thought were humans and friends weren’t human or friends. Edie was a dirt/fire hybrid while Brison was a Breezer (wind).

Things come head to head for Heidi, Isaiah, Edie and Brison. They all square off. Who lives to make it to the end and who survives to keep fighting another day?



This was an AWESOME book. I really liked it. This wasn’t like other elemental power books that I’ve read before. I actually liked the way the elements were incorporated into this one. A great read for fantasy lovers.


$1.99 on Kindle

222 pages

(I got this while it was free on promo)


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