The Water King’s Bride (The Descendants #2) by T. E Ridener

water king

Heidi, Isaiah, Brison, Lille, Pike and others return in the second book in the Descendants series by T.E Ridener.

Heidi has made it her mission to take out the Darksygg. We know from the first book that the Darksygg want to wipe out the Sun people. We also know that Heidi and Isaiah returned to Heidi’s home to find it destroyed with her father and people missing. Isaiah promised to help her on her journey but at times he regrets it.

They go to King Adrian, of the Water people, and Heidi asks to use his army. He refuses as he is going to wage  a war on them, so he says. They then proceed to go see the Queen of all, Aneria. She promises to help in any way she can. While there, the Air guard shows up and pledges their loyalty and help to Heidi on her quest.

So they leave and start searching all the planets to find out where the Darksygg are hiding. When they finally stop to sleep, they are ambushed. Isaiah still doesn’t trust Brison but he tells him to get Heidi out of there before he is stabbed. He realizes it was a poisoned blade that got him and he recognizes the ambusher that leans over him.

Who is leading the Darksygg? Does King Adrian really send his soldiers after the Darksygg? What all happens to Heidi, Isaiah, Brison and the others?


I originally wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book. But I really did end up liking it in the end. We learn more about Heidi, Brison, Isaiah and who the Darksygg really are. I hope that if you read the first book, you pick this one up. There were a few times that I was surprised by what happened as I didn’t think things were going to turn out the way they did.


$1.99 on Kindle

155 pages


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