Capturing the Cowboy’s Heart by Lindsey Brookes


Lacy Dalton is a reporter. She travels to the Ragged T Ranch to interview Cade Tyler. He’s an ex-rodeo champ. He was forced to quit riding when a bull broke his hip.

Burk is Cade’s best friend. They were in the rodeo circuit together. Cade the rider and Burk the clown. Burk quit at the same time Cade was injured and they both live and work on the Ragged T Ranch. (Cade is the owner and Burk is his partner.)

Lacy thinks she had spoken to Cade about interviewing him for the magazine she works for. WRONG! She actually talked to Burk so when she showed up there was a bit of a mix up. She left the ranch not ready to give up on getting her story yet. Cade tracks her to town and they make a deal. She can have her story if she works on the ranch as a hand. Deal’s made.

The longer Lacy is there and around Cade, the more their attraction for each other grows. But Cade stops it at every turn. It was wrong or it wasn’t meant to happen. He didn’t want to forget his wife Karen who had died in a wreck two years before.

Having gotten wasted the night before (by drinking and mixing allergy pills), Lacy decided to leave the ranch and forget about her story after they slept together. Only problem was, her truck wasn’t there. It was in town at the local bar. She gives up and sits down on the stairs to the ranch where her and Cade end up talking.

Deciding he wouldn’t be forgetting or betraying his late wife, he decides to see what happens with Lacy. They end up being good for each other. But the ranch and Lacy are in danger by being around Cade. Someone is out to get him. Lacy inadvertantly figures out who it is. The main perp runs her off the road but it doesn’t kill her. She wakes up in the hospital to Cade and learns about how he figured everything out. Thanks to her and her tape recorder.

Who was trying to destroy Cade? Who ran Lacy off the road? What happens to Lacy and Cade in the end? Pick up this good romance book for all the answers. 🙂

$2.99 on Kindle

266 pages

(I got this one free like most of my books)


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